Franchise Accounting Services

     Bayco Management is an accounting firm that truly understands the relationship between a National Franchisor and its franchisees or licensees. 

This is the result of the company's principals having worked many years in senior management with an international franchise company.  Also, we have many years of operating as a major independent franchisee with a number of different National Franchisors.

      Our franchise Clients are located throughout the U.S..  These owners entrust us with meeting the requirements and expectations of their franchisor.  Many of our Clients are multiple unit operators and looking to grow and expand their franchise business.  Because of our experience, Bayco is instrumental in helping the business owners compile the franchisor's growth information requirements on a timely basis and in the format required.
     We have put together a Franchise Basic Services package based on what we are providing a majority of our clients.  You can add or subtract services to meet your needs. 
Basic Franchise Service Package
In addition:
  •  We provide weekly business information to Franchisor, as required.
  •  We prepare your financial information per Franchisor's requirements.
  •  We will use your Franchisor's chart of accounts.
  •  We prepare your General Ledger per Franchisor's requirements.
Additional Franchise Services
  • We can provide you with coaching and understanding what your financial numbers mean.
  • We can assist you with preparing your Franchisor's growth approval package.
  • We can set-up and process payroll and taxes.
  • We can monitor and process your accounts payable.
  • We can monitor and process your accounts receivable.
  • We can provide you with business advice.
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